MtGox Recovery Initiative

We are a group of people who have lost considerable funds on MtGox, due to Mark Karpeles’s completely irresponsible actions.

We have retained a very good Japanese law firm, which will try to recover as much as possible, and additionally press criminal charges against Mark Karpeles personally. Karpeles was holding customer deposits on his company bank account, which is illegal in Japan.

To gain additional proof and insight into the extent of the criminal acts committed by MtGox and Mark Karpeles, we are building a database of losses. Please fill out the form below to help build our case.

Additionally you can indicate if you would like us to try to get your funds back also. This is no legal commitment at this point, just informational. Once we gain more insight in our ability to do so, we will contact you to inform you of any further possible action.

Total reported lost: 315202.1 bitcoins, 23614226.88 USD, 11233718.37 EUR, 9322740.4 JPY, 246678.53 AUD, 567824.27 GBP

Total plaintiffs: 4299

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